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Antique stone

Apadana Antique Stone Industries

About Apadana Antique Stone Industries

Manufacturer of construction antique stones

Advantages of using antique stone

Apadana stone

1) Easy installation on different wall angles
2) Fire resistant
3) Ability to work in combination with other products
4) No need to renovate after at least 20 years
5) Absorb environmental noise inside the building and reduce noise pollution

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Apadana stone feature

Unique feature

1) Stone coupe is used to make products.
2) Products are produced that are exclusive to this collection.

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Apadana Stone Goals

Goal Set goals

Customer satisfaction
Development and progress

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Apadana Antique Stone Works

See only part of the reputation of Apadana Stone Industries

We have achieved this with the aim of improving the quality of antique stone among competitors so that we can export our products and shine brightly in neighboring countries.

Antique Stone Export

Apadana Stone Industries has been able to export a variety of antique stones and its products to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan by participating in foreign exhibitions, including the Izmir Stone Exhibition in Turkey in 2018. Apadana stone is a manufacturer of various types of stone. Antique stone in Iran with more than 15 years of brilliant history works among customers and employers of interior decoration.